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The Fractal Skulls - Rayleigh Scattering LP (LTD EDITION NOW SHIPPING)

Image of The Fractal Skulls - Rayleigh Scattering LP (LTD EDITION NOW SHIPPING)


Please note UK sales tax (VAT) will be added to orders placed within the EU- Price including VAT £12 plus p&p.

The excellent debut full length vinyl LP from The Fractal Skulls. Includes download coupon for digital version.

Mastered from ½ inch tape via a customized Ampex ATR100 tape machine at the world-class Stardelta facility. Manufactured with premium quality black virgin vinyl. This album has been lovingly crafted to retain and enhance an astonishing dynamic range.

**WHILE STOCKS LAST** We have a strictly limited edition of 100 early-bird special pre-release LPs, each includes a unique one-off Polaroid taken by The Fractals' Chris Smith during the making of the album. LP cover hand numbered. Order now and save £3 on the general release price.

'Good girl' was featured on The Wire Magazine's Wire Tapper 29 compilation CD.

1. The Fog
2. Echo returns
3. Foreign bed
4. Enjoy your trip
5. Operator
6. Rhodes left
7. Slow burn
8. Sibenik city
9. The transitional phase
10. Anyone tonight
11. NY subway
12. Rayleigh Scattering
13. Good girl
14. Medication